Workshop & Exhibitions


As part of its Platinum Jubilee Celebration AIWEFA organised an Exhibition and Workshop on Impact of Science & Technology on “Drudgery Reduction in Housework” in urban and rural areas, amongst a wider audience of administrators, activists and academicians. The focus was on highlighting science and technology developments impacting women in the areas of Food and Nutrition, Health, Habitat and Energy and to use this information to influence public policy in the right direction. Participants from all over the country were invited for the exhibition and workshop.

Prof. Ramamurthy, Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology gave the Special Address; participants included Dr. Shanta Mehrotra, NBRI; Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal, HESCO; Dr. Rekha Sharma, AIIMS; Dr. Amitabh De, NITIE; Dr. Shashi Prabha Gupta, Food  & Nutrition Board; Dr. Deepti Dongaonkar, AMWI; Ms. Pooja N. Sharma, Avinash Lingam Institute, Coimbatore; Mr. Rupesh Agarwal, TERI and various other lecturers from Lady Irwin College.


As a part of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations AIWEFA hosted an Exhibition on impact of science and technology towards “Drudgery Reduction in House Work” in urban and rural areas. Mock ups of the different areas of housework were displayed i.e. — kitchen, bedroom, toilet and utility room etc. They high-lighted the developments in the fields of: a) Habitat, b) Energy, c) Food Be Nutrition, d) Health e) Consumer Awareness etc.

Participation from different sectors included Government sector participants from Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Food and Nutrition Board, bilateral bodies like CARE India, TERI etc. Corporate organisations Nestle; professionals from various disciplines and NGOs also participated actively in the seminars and workshop.