Vision & Mission:

In 1929, a group of visionary women including Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Smt. Sarojini Naidu, Smt. Aruna Asaf Ali and Lady Dorothy Irwin founded the All India Women’s Education Fund Association (AIWEFA) with the objective of helping women to empower themselves.

AIWEFA identified areas of social development with priority for education. Education was the catalyst for social change. A giant step was the establishment of Lady Irwin College in 1932. This was a landmark in creating a platform for women to take off into higher realms of scientific advancement and productive employment. In 1950, the collegebecame affiliated with the University of Delhi.  For nearly eight decades AIWEFA focused its attention on embellishing the facilities in the college to raise it to the level of a premier institution of learning for women. AIWEFA is proud of the alumnae of the college who have penetrated into fields of Nutrition, Human Development, Community Resource Development,Textiles & Fashion Industry and other scientific areas across the world.

AIWEFA has now realized the urgency of the changing needs of a developing and globalizing society. It is intensively engaged in mainstreaming women in these new trajectories.The emerging multiple responsibilities of women call for a faster pace of adjustment with greater awareness of the social, legal, economic and political dimensions using new tools of technology beyond the 3Rs.

The emphasis on building a scientific temper for improving the quality of life has become even more important today than when AIWEFA started more than nine decades ago. AIWEFA aspires to demystify scientific knowledge and application of technology through its various educational, skill development, income generation and capacity building projects.

AIWEFA believes in building partnerships and networking with like minded people and organizations to enlarge the impact and sustain the process.