The vision of AIWEFA is to bring in a holistic and sustainable approach to rural development, human development, women’s empowerment and advancement of weaker sections of society. Our expanded vision sought a visible symbol that would encompass the proactive harbingers of social change -health, nutrition, safe water, sanitation, technology and economic independence AIWEFA’s Shakti Logo, specially designed by the eminent artist Suruchi Chand, captures the essence of AIWEFA’s new direction towards enabling gender equality and empowerment of women.


A. Infinite energy.

B. The bird in flight is the woman who can roam the corners of the world to get the best from everywhere in values, cultures, quality and sustenance like a large bird.

C. The small bird looking upwards is the woman who is always connected to the infinite while coming down to earth to sustain itself and its fellow birds. From the large sky to the minute details are hers to live.

D. The hand that can twist and turn and reach out towards any mystery and hold it close within.

E. The hand that supports enormous responsibilities of life.

F. The cupped hand that feeds and sustains life creatively.