College Workshops on “Promoting Intergenerational Bonding. 





College Workshops on “Promoting Intergenerational Bonding. 









Exposure Visit Report Andaman and Nicobar Island. 






A & N Report Cover
Promotion of Development and Handicrafts of Locally Available Resources, Workshop Report . 







Compendium on Good Practices from India toward achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. 






Good Practice document-Cover
“A World We Women Want” – A Compendium on Women’s Voices and Good Practices towards Sustainable Development Goals of UN.






Transition of Women from Education to Full Employment”- A Report on the Conference .





“Women, Education, Skills and Work”- A Compendium on Case Studies from India.





“Launch of 100 Cyber Security College Workshops” – A Programme Report.





     AIWEFA Brochure.





 “AIWEFA Nina Sibal Memorial Award” Brochure -2018.




AIWEFA Elderly Conference Brochure 2018.