In keeping with Prime Minister Modiji’s ‘Digital India’ campaign, the All India Women’s Education Fund Association (AIWEFA) in association with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Google, and Delhi Police launched the  100 CYBER SECURITY WORKSHOPS in Delhi-NCR colleges. This Launch Programme brings on board all the

  • Violence Against Women (UNIFEM Project) -2008

    In 2008,AIWEFA with support from UNIFEM organized six workshops in different parts of Delhi – NCR on “Violence against Women and HIV/AIDS”.The different workshops targeted at discussions, which included dowry, sexual harassment, molestation, trafficking and HIV /Aids. Development along with its progressive changes in personal life style, living standards varied

  • Parenting Workshops in RWAs -2014

    The contemporary hectic life style, most of us are living today involves multitasking and high stress scenario both in our work and personal life. The value system associated with achievement and competitive performance, needless to say is making parenting a challenging endeavor. It has robbed off children’s childhood and the

  • Cyber Crime Workshops – 2014

    The Internet now plays a very important role in our lives. With the exponential growth of Internet use amongst us, particularly the students, it is essential that the message of the proper and safe use of the Internet is passed on early. As we propagate the empowering aspect of the

  • MNRE Projects 2012-2013

    SOLAR FAIRS cum TRAINING WORKSHOPS: 9 Solar Fairs cum Training Workshops and two National Seminars were sponsored by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy ( MNRE). 4 Solar Fairs cum Training Workshops were held in 4 villages of Farrukhnagar block of District Gurgaon, namely Daboda, Basunda, Tirpari, Khera Khurrampur in

  • DST Project 2008-2011

    AIWEFA gained a great deal of insight into the lives and ways of work in the rural areas and was dismayed at the lack of exposure of the farmers and their inadequate awareness of developments in agriculture and the demands of the market leave alone their health and nutrition status

  • GRC cum SSK Project 2007-2010

      All India Women’s Education Fund Association (AIWEFA) looked after the Gender Resource Centre at Geeta colony in East Delhi, funded by the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Delhi from 2007 to 2010. Later on it became the Samajik Suvidha Kendra(SSK) with convergence of services from nine Departments

  • FAO Project- 2006

    With sponsorship from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations, an Agricultural project was taken up in two villages namely Daboda and Tirpari, Gurgaon (Haryana) in 2006-07. The Project included analysis of the soil by soil testing, providing seeds suitable to the soil type, establishment of experimental nurseries, set

  • UN NGO IRENE China Conference – 2009

    On 3rd September 2DD3 AIWEFA accepted the role of Regional Coordinator for the Untied Nations NGO Informal Regional Network (UN NGO IRENE) for India offered by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Section of the United Nations. This consists of providing: • A network for communication and information exchange

  • Village Adoption in Gurgaon ( GAIL Project) – 2002

      In 2002 AIWEFA adopted three village Daboda, Tirpari and Pataudi in Gurgaon, Haryana for holistic and sustainable area wise development in its “Village Adoption Project”. The programme laid thrust on literacy development including providing extra support for children to continue education apart from dealing with health issues, hygiene and