Violence Against Women (UNIFEM Project) -2008

In 2008,AIWEFA with support from UNIFEM organized six workshops in different parts of Delhi – NCR on “Violence against Women and HIV/AIDS”.The different workshops targeted at discussions, which included dowry, sexual harassment, molestation, trafficking and HIV /Aids.

Development along with its progressive changes in personal life style, living standards varied economic growth caused by urbanization and changes in social ethos contribute to a violence attitude which has resulted in an increase in crimes against women.  The breakdown of the joint family systems and a predominantly patriciarchal system, migration in search of improved economic conditions and sale of agricultural land with un-expected prosperity have caused various social aberrations.  Women are yet to attain the rightful share and live with dignity, freedom peace and a life free from crime and aspersion.

Despite legal provisions in the Indian Penal Code and the special laws for women they continue to suffer due to lack of awareness of their rights, illiteracy and oppressive practices and customs.  This has resulted in a constant fall in the sex  ratio, high infant mortality rate, maternal ill health, low literacy rate, high drop out rate of education, low wage rates and others.

The problems associated with Violence against women can not remain a private issue imbedded within the family which can easily be ignored.  It must receive appropriate attention as an issue affecting women’s health (physical and mental) and their ability to participate fully in local and national development strategies.  This situation needs to be changed

AIWEFA, in 2008,  conducted six workshops on how to end violence against women in the rural areas,urban slums & colleges of  Delhi .The workshops were held at :

  1. Geeta colony.
  2. ITI,Mayur Vihar, Phase I.
  3. Kamla Nehru college, University of Delhi.
  4. CRME Department ,Lady Irwin College University of Delhi.
  5. Tirpani village ,Gurgaon .
  6. YWCA , Trilokpuri, New Delhi.

These workshops were aimed at :

  • Creating awareness on the new law on domestic violence.
  • Gender sensitization among youth, men and women on issues relating to violence against women.
  • Dissemination of information on the procedures to be used under the laws to get relief from violence.
  • Develop strategies to combat violence against women.

The prominent lawyers on women’s issues and well known women activists of the city  were the lime lights of these workshops.