1. To manage the fund known as All India Women’s Education Fund.

2. To promote the education of women in India and in particular.

(a) To promote or aid any schemes that further all branches of education of women in India as may from time to time be recommended by All India Women’s Conference or under such other name as the said Conference here after be registered (here in after in these Rules and Regulations referred to as the Conference).

(b) To carry on propaganda for education of women in India.

(c) To promote education of teachers at all levels, and administrators and planners in agencies working for family and child care, harmonious family environment, sanitation and health with special emphasis on the development of rural families.

(d) To encourage the production and publication of better text books and attractive and suitable literature in English, Hindi and the regional languages.

(e) To initiate schemes for undertaking research in educational materials, methods of teaching and allied activities pertaining to pre-school child.

(f) To provide for suitable housing accommodation for women teachers in rural areas.

(g) To initiate schemes for vocational training and courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels and to encourage skills for self employment through small-scale and home industries.

(h) To increase awareness on social, legal, economic and political matters pertaining to all aspects of life.

(i) To impart appropriate skills and technology at various levels for removing drudgery, increasing productivity and improving quality of life.