All India Women’s Education Fund Association emerged as a special organization to assist the All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) in the promotion of education of women and girls in 1929. AIWEFA founded  the prestigious Lady Irwin College new delhi in 1932 Society in 1970 when the College had to be affiliated to the University Delhi , and it had to be a separate entity. The evolution of AIWEFA has been continuing as a string of associations with different bodies and weaving a network with various NGOs, United Nations Systems, Governments in the Centre and the State, Corporate bodies, Other National and International Organisations. With the formation of UN-IRENE by the NGO Branch of UN DESA, AIWEFA became the National Coordinator of UN IRENE in India in 2003 and continues to be in that position.

The Networking has helped in the conduct of various Conferences and Workshops on topical, social and economic issues, lobbying for legislation, policies, implementation of programmes and getting any urgent issue resolved e.g. National Policy : 50/50 Gender Balance, National Forum for Women’s Rights, Gender Training Institute, YWCA, Federation of India Women Entrepreneurs, National Network for Violence against Women. The major networking partners of AIWEFA are Lady Irwin College, AIWC, Women’s Coalition, India Alliance for Child Rights (IACR), The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of India, Lawyers’ Collective, Schumacher Centre, Asian Centre for Research and Development, Centre for Women’s Development Studies, Centre for Social Research, Women’s Watch, Joint Women’s Programme (JWP), National Association of Women’s Organisations (NAWO), Guild of Services, Women’s Power Connect, Sulabh International and several others.

AIWEFA believes in networking and collaborating with other organisations for social, economic and political empowerment of people.

  • Lady Irwin College (LIC)
  • All India Women’s Conference (AIWC)
  • Department Of Science & Technology (DST) Govt.
  • Delhi State Government
  • India Alliance For Child Rights(IACR)
  • National Spiritual Assembly of Bahais of India
  • Women’s Coalition
  • Lawyer’s Collective
  • Centre for Women’s Development Studies
  • Asian Centre for Research and Development
  • Schumacher Centre
  • Sulabh International
  • Women’s Power Connect
  • National Alliance Of Women Organization (NAWO)
  • Women’s Watch
  • Joint Women’s Programme (JWP)
  • Guild of Services
  • Centre for Social Research
  • Development Alternatives (DA)
  • Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF)
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL)
  • Delhi Police