AIWEFA has a core team of experts in Law, Education, Administration, Finance, Basic and Applied Science, Social Science, Media, Architecture, Health and Nutrition, Fashion Design, Community Mobilization, Social Work etc with facility to co-opt experts and specialists from any field to handle any given task.

AIWEFA’s core competence has been in 

  • Lobbying and advocacy for Policy changes at Institutional and Government and Local Body levels.
  • Organisation of International, National and Regional Conferences / Seminars / Workshops and other Events.
  • Organise surveys, expert studies, focus group discussions and special discussions.
  • Identifying Resource Persons with various specialisations.
  • Identifying persons who could constantly be available at designated location(s) to help people needing advice, counsel and guidance to face problems bothering them in a variety of issues like marriage, harassment, vocational guidance, skill development etc.
  • Working with citizens of Delhi comprising school children, college students, girls, boys, women and men in different  localities of Delhi and Haryana on various social, economic and legal issues.
  • Organising nutrition and health camps.
  • Organising craft and marketing exhibitions.
  • Counseling people in the slums, schools, colleges and other rural and urban communities on the need for changing attitudes as necessary and problem solution.
  • Preparing men and women in communities as “change agents” to work from within the community and change attitudes  of people on diverse issues to bring in greater harmony and tolerance.
  • Specialised experience of carrying out legal awareness and legal literacy programmes.
  • Workshops on Domestic Violence.
  • Building up skill development and technology transfer programmes through skill training.
  • Organise persons to form Self Help Groups to meet their needs including micro-finance.
  • Coordinate with subject specialists like agronomists, horticulturists, Chemists, Veterinarians and other specialisations to  sort problems of farmers in rural areas.
  • Coordinate with doctors, nutritionists, lawyers, Bankers, Educationists to counsel and give guidance on various  personal, family and community issues.
  • To handle any topical issue in the community.