Patron Dr. Karan Singh
Dr. Sarala Gopalan

Office Bearers

President Dr. Asha Chandra
Vice President Dr. Sarla Manchanda
Secretary Ms. Jyotsna Kapur
Jt. Secretary Dr. Renu Malaviya
Treasurer Mr. Umesh Chand Goyal
Jt. Treasurer Ms. Kalyani Raj
Elected Executive Members:

Dr. Manorama Bawa
Dr. Adarsh Sharma
Mr.Riaz Umar
Ms.Yuthika Mishra
Dr. Usha Sharma

Mr. Himangshu Rai Vaish

Co opted Executive Members:

Ms. Bulbul Das
Ms. Asheema Singh

Ms. Chitra Sarkar

AIWC Representatives Ms. Rakesh Dhawan
Ms. Kalyani Raj
Dr.  Manju Kak
Ms. Shubra Mendirata
Dr.  Upasana Singh
       Special Invitees

Dr. S.K.Sharma

Ms. Rupinder Kaur

Foreign Representatives
(New York Representative)
Ms. Veena Manchanda
Director Lady Irwin College Dr. Anupa Siddhu
 Chairperson Governing Body, Lady Irwin College Ms. Rita Menon



PATRON-Dr. Karan Singh: MP, Rajya sabha, Chairman, AIWEFA-Nina Sibal Award Committee.

PATRON- Dr. Sarala Gopalan, (IAS): Former Secretary, Women & Child Department, Government of India. Governing Body member of several NGOs in India and actively involved in various social development and gender issues. Published books and papers on various developmental issues. Chief among her publications are “Women & Employment in India” and “Towards Equality-The Unfinished Agenda-The Status of Women in India, 2001”. Has been presenting the Country Report on Women at UN and world conferences for four decades. Recipient of many awards as a Social Worker.

Ex Officio-Member- Dr. Anupa Siddhu: Director, Lady Irwin College. An expert in Food & Nutrition.

Ex-Officio-Member- Prof. Dr. M.L.Gulrajani: former Dean of Industrial R & D , Head of Textile Technology, Fellow Emeritus of IIT Delhi.Currently chairman ,Governing Body, Lady Irwin College.

PRESIDENT- Ms. Asha Chandra: Expertise in social sector media management, documentary and telefilm maker with Doordarshan, Corporates & Government Ministries, Advertising Professional formerly with leading advertising agencies like O&M, JWT.

VICE PRESIDENT Ms. Sarla Manchanda: Former Associate Professor of Chemistry at Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, specialist in Household & Textile Chemistry. Former Chemist, ONGC. Expertise in organising science exhibitions & fairs.  Scientific Advisor to Schools.

SECRETARY- Ms. Jyotsna Kapur:  Expert in Textiles & Clothing, formerly associated with institutions like Pant Nagar University, Textile Institute Bhiwani, Lady Irwin College, ND and Birla College, Pilani, Executive Director of many community friendly Projects with participatory Action Plans, with a mission to bring prosperity at grass –roots level.

TREASURER- Mr. Umesh Chand Goyal:

JOINT SECRETARY- Dr. Renu Malaviya: Associate Professor of Education, Lady Irwin College, New Delhi. As a Teacher Educator her expertise is in the area of skill development of general and special education teachers. Her areas of interest are family–school interactions, children’s reading habits, disability studies, gender issues. Consultant to various national and international agencies.

JOINT TREASURER- Ms. Kalyani Raj: Former Bank Officer, Administrator & Manager in corporate and non-profit sector with effective leadership and communication skills. Executive Member, AIWC, Extensive experience in social sector including disaster management.



  • Dr. Manorama Bawa: Former Professor of Home Science, Patna University.  Former National President, AIWC. Patron AIWC. Expertise in Community Resource Management & Social Work. Recipient of many awards for social work.
  • Mr. Riaz Umar: Former Principal, Zakir Hussain College (PG), New Delhi. Expertise in Marketing & Management. President of several educational, economic, business, language and census societies. An educationist, reformer and social worker.
  • Dr. Adarsh Sharma: Team leader of Technical Agency for IDA funded ICDS System Strengthening and Nutrition Improvement Project (ISSNIP) being implemented by Ministry of Women & Child Development. Former Associate Professor of Child Development at University of Delhi, Professor at G.B.Pant University of Agriculture & Technology and Ambedkar University of Delhi. Former Director, National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD).
  • Dr. Usha Sharma:


  • Mr. Himangshu Rai Vaish:


  • Ms. Yuthika Mishra: Associate Professor of History in Vivekananda College, Delhi University, has been teaching for more than 28 years now. She has been presenting papers at the International Congress of Historical Sciences (ICHS/CISH), held every five years, and has attended several national and international conferences. Her field of specialization is modern Indian history and areas of interest are women and family law, marriage and community studies, women’s movements and contemporary studies. She represents India in the International Federation for Research on Women’s History (IFRWH) and is in the Executive of AIWC and Ujjawal Women’s Association (UWA).  Her publications include Tribals and Freedom Movement in India, and Hindu Women and Legislative Reforms: A Discourse on Marriage.



  • Ms Bulbul Das: Practicing Lawyer with special interest in Women’s & Children’s issues.  Legal Advisor to many government and non-government organizations including NCW (GOI), Mobile Help line (DCW), IACR, University of Delhi, JNU-IERB, Delhi Legal Service Authority etc.etc. Panel Lawyer for Delhi Govt., DDA, etc. Has been involved with teaching of English & Law.
  • Ms. Asheema Singh:  Asheema Singh is a consultant with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and is currently posted at National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) as Project Coordinator, Adolescence Education ProgrammeA gold medalist from Punjab University, she is an educationist who is committed to empower young people by enhancing their skills of problem solving and decision making and setting up of Toll free IVRS system as a powerful learner support at NIOS. As President of UP Science Centre, she is known for introducing many innovative Programs like ‘Face to Face with a Scientist’ and taking ‘Gyan Jathas’ to the schools spread in far flung areas of India.  She is currently engaged with developing life skills enriched study materials and tutor training programmes at NIOS. She is also highlighting issues such as adolescent rights, gender, sexual abuse, adolescent nutrition, substance abuse etc and evolving innovative methods of empowering youth to effectively deal with them. As a Life Skills Expert she has conducted numerous skill building workshops for teachers, counselors and lesson writers Asheema is Vice Chairperson of Indian Association of Life Skills Education and is aMember of the National Adolescent Resource Team (NART) India


  • Ms. Rakesh Dhawan
  • Ms. Kalyani Raj: Former Bank Officer, Administrator & Manager in corporate and non-profit sector with effective leadership and communication skills. Executive Member, AIWC, Extensive experience in social sector including disaster management.
  • Dr. Manju Kak
  • Ms. Shubra Mendirata
  • Dr. Upasana Singh